Center for Old Music

The Center for Old Music
presents our spring concert:

~Flee from the Game of Love~

23 May 2014
8:00 PM
St. Michael's Episcopal Church
2025 Bellefonte Rd.
Lexington, Kentucky
Admission by donation ($10 suggested)

For the sake of future mankind, the advice in Orlando di Lasso’s chanson has been widely ignored. But more often than not, European part-songs gave voice to people who felt gamed by love. Their music is full of complaints, but, no surprise, full of beauty. Call it catharsis, or perhaps a reveling in the exquisite agony.

The spectrum of love songs is uncommonly broad. On one end is yearning for Jesus the Savior, no less passionate than for an earthly love. Far on the other end is the lusty drinking song.

Lasso is the leader in all categories, and he wrote part-songs in most of the languages of the day. In Latin, he is joined on our program by Josquin. In Italian, by Palestrina, Patavino, Festa, Vicentino and Rossi. In French, by Goudimel, Passereau, Claudin, Janequin, Jacotin and Mahiet. In German, by Hassler and Isaac. Lasso didn’t write in Spanish, but Encina and others did, with brio.

Both vocally and instrumentally, we invite you to celebrate spring with us in the endless realm of love.

Mirror case, courtly scenes. Paris, first third of the 14th century. Carved ivory.
Mirror case, courtly scenes. Paris, 14th century. Carved ivory. Louvre Museum.

We continue to honor the memory of our founding director, Donna Boyd, as we celebrate over 35 years of joyful music making.